East Skin Rituals


Personalised Skin Health Ritual

Our personalised skin health ritual is the ultimate facial to start your skin journey with East.

Our highly skilled therapists will commence with a consultation to assess and address your facial completely to your individual needs targeting any skin concerns you may be experiencing.

This facial includes a deep cleanse with an enzyme based exfoliation using a blend of customised powders for the individual skin type.

This facial also includes our signature Lymphatic Drainage Gua Sha massage technique.

Some of these concerns may include:

Congestion - Targeting blackheads, whiteheads, acne and dull skins.
Dry/Dehydrated - For skin that is lacking moisture, rough to touch and feeling lifeless.
Ageing - Targeting fine lines and wrinkles and preventing premature ageing.
Redness/Inflammation/Sensitive - For skin that is experiencing erythema, rosacea, sensitive to touch and is chasing a sense of calm.
Pigmentation - Targeting pigmentation to the skin caused by sun damage or hormonal imbalances.
Acne Scarring - Targeting scarring that has formed from previous bouts of acne

60 minutes | $149

Package of 3 treatments for $387 (saving of $20 per treatment) 

Vitamin A Facial Infusion

A high dose vitamin peel, massaged deeply into the skin using our signature massage technique. This facial infusion gently resurfaces the skin, making it safe for every skin type and creates significant stimulation in collagen production.
Perfect for rejuvenating dull and tired skin to regain a youthful glow.

This infusion will deliver results for all skin types, particularly for anti ageing and hyperpigmentation. This infusion is customised with various active powders to deliver personalised results. 

Clients should preferably already be using an Osmosis A serum but the infusion can be done on skin unaccustomed to Vitamin A and is recommended treatments re occur every 4 weeks.

60 minutes | $189

Package of 3 treatments for $477 (saving of $30 per treatment) 

Unwind Skin Ritual

A facial experience designed for pure relaxation and to renew much more than your skin.

A facial created to encourage you to amidst the rush of life, breathe deeper, let go and find calm. Our unwind skin ritual will harmonise your mind, body, heart and soul.

This facial features our signature Lymphatic Drainage Gua Sha massage technique. 

60 minutes | $139